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  • What are the arrival/departure times?
    Arrive anytime from 3pm on the day camp starts. You must have left the site by 1pm on the final day.
  • What time is supper on the first evening?
    On arrival day, a vegan soup supper is provided at approximately 7pm.
  • What's included in the price?
    A week's camping and parking on the site. A vegan supper on the first night. Access to a full week of interactive creative & wellbeing events. Drinking water and sinks for washing up. Compost toilets and heated showers.
  • What should I bring to Rootstock?
    Something to sleep in! Whether that is a hammock, tent, caravan, campervan or converted vehicle, you'll need somewhere to call your home for the week. All personal items for your stay. Please bring eco-friendly personal hygiene products as far as possible. Apart from supper on the first evening, food is not included so you can either bring everything for the week or you can go off-site to nearby shops to buy anything you need during your stay. Cooking utensils; DEFINITELY a mug, bowl, plate, knife fork & spoon! Large pots and pans are also handy. If everyone brings things to cook and prepare food with, there'll be enough of everything! . A torch. The site is dark at night time and is not lit. Stuff to share; stories, music, skills and talents are very welcome and the joy of the camp is the sharing of these! An open mind and willingness to get stuck in!
  • How will I know where to find the camp?
    Rootstock takes place on private land in beautiful woodland and meadowland in South Cambridgeshire. Due to the privately owned location with no public right of way, ticket holders will be provided with detailed directions via email nearer the time of the event.
  • Can I come on my own?
    Of course! You'll find the other campers very friendly and events are set up to promote inclusivity. We camp in groups, each around its own central fire where kettles are boiled and food cooked. You are encouraged to eat together each evening, preparing meals in small groups. You will feel welcome and quickly make new friends.
  • What will I be expected to do?
    Rootstock runs on the energy and enthusiasm of its participants! This means everyone gets involved in the day-to-day running of the camp. You get to chose the tasks you want to be involved with, ranging from chopping and barrowing wood, preparing social spaces and maintaining the compost loos.
  • What if it rains?
    There are large sheltered areas for the activities to place in. Like any camping trip in the summer, be prepared for all weathers. A big umbrella and wellies are recommended!
  • Will I need any money?
    All the activities are included in your ticket price. You will only need money if you're going to the local shops. Please note there are no shops within walking distance of the site.
  • Can I bring my dog or other pets?
    Apart from assistance dogs (by prior arrangement - please contact Rootstock), pets are not permitted on site.
  • Is the camp accessible?
    The camp takes place in meadowland and woodland, parts of which are uneven so please do take care. Also, there are 3 steps up to the toilets and showers. We are working to improve our accessibility for future camps, and if you have any feedback about our physical site during your stay it will be very welcomed.
  • What are the toilets like?
    If you need to pee, whether you sit or stand, you have the whole forest to find a suitable spot. If you would like a little more privacy, individual cubicles (the 'pee palaces') are available for your use. Compost toilets are used for number 2's. Once you're done, simply throw in a handful of the provided sawdust and close the lid. These toilets are individual private cubicles, which are cleaned twice a day and the toilet paper replenished.
  • Will I be able to charge my mobile phone?
    There is no publicly available mains power or generator on site. Why not give your phone a rest for the week?
  • Can I camp wherever I like?
    We camp in groups of tents/vans, each of which has a small open fire at its centre as a focus for sitting, cooking and chatting. Each group is home to 5/6 tents/vans. Chose your group and pitch up. It's first come, first served.
  • What if I have special dietary needs?
    We encourage people to make sure evening meals are vegan as this means most people can enjoy it. If you have an aversion, intolerance or allergy please make sure the others in your group are aware of this and remember - you can cook your meals separately if needed. You will find people sympathetic and accommodating, but you are responsible for your own special dietary needs.
  • I need to arrive late/leave early. Is that ok?
    Yes, of course. We would encourage you to make the most of this special time and avoid arriving late or leaving early if you possibly can.
  • What is the sauna etiquette?
    Being a towel to sit on. You can be naked or wear trunks or a bathing costume. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing.
  • Are there any rules about smoking and/or vaping?
    Smoking or vaping are not permitted under a tarpaulin or roof of any kind at Rootstock. If you do smoke/vape, please be mindful of those around you. Check the wind direction and dispose of your cigarette butts responsibly as they are not bio-degradable.
  • Is alcohol permitted on site?
    Yes, alcohol is allowed on site, please drink responsibly of course! Rootstock is a family friendly camp and there's not much of a drinking culture. There is no bar on site.
  • Are tickets refundable and/or transferable?
    Tickets are non-refundable. In the unlikely event of cancellation by the organisers of Rootstock, the full value of your ticket(s) will be reimbursed. If you're unable to attend for any reason, your tickets are transferable on a like-for-like basis, eg: adult ticket for an adult, child ticket for a child. If you need to transfer your tickets, please contact Rootstock.
  • What about health and safety?
    Rootstock takes place in a rural location, in woodland and meadowland. There are a number of potential hazards on site which include open fires, trees & plants and a footbridge. Although the event organisers take all reasonable care to make sure the site is safe and secure, responsibility for the health and safety of children and vulnerable adults rests with their accompanying parents, carers or guardians.
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